Tom “The Terror” English

MMA Fighter

Tom “The Terror” English’s devastating strikes and solid Jiu Jitsu background have made him a strong force in the MMA world. His knockouts and take down defenses have made him an extremely tough competitor.

Keith Trimble

MMA Trainer

Keith Trimble is an owner/trainer at the Bellmore Kickboxing and MMA Academy in Bellmore, New York. Keith trains pro and amateur fighters in mma, kickboxing and boxing.

Tom Muller

BJJ Black Belt

Professor Muller has been competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for over a decade now and his most notable wins in BJJ competitions are winning the 2003 Pans Ams Purple belt and the No-Gi Pan-Ams in 2009 as a Black belt.

Future Trainer

MMA Trainer

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Did you Know?

Certified knockout artist Chuck Liddell is also a certified accountant.



Mixed Martial Arts is the fusion of two or more styles of fighting. Every fighter trains in various systems to create the perfect blend of skills to compete in The Octagon.



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